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Marketing and Branding
Strategic Implementation

Marketing-Driven Creative Services

Marketing-Driven Creative Services

JS Enterprises' Creative Services: always team-player-oriented, marketing-driven, and functionality directed.
Marketing piece for Amtrak: Jr Conductor's Activity Book

Button-Pushers are a dime-a-dozen. Marketing-driven creative services professionals are hard to find!


Creative solutions to help you exceed your Cybergoals!

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Marketing and Branding
•Marketing Strategies
•SEO Strategy and Implementation for All Media and Devices
•Branding Solutions and Compliant Assets
•New Product Introductions
•Startup Company Promotions
•B2B Target Marketing
•B2C Target Marketing
•Event Marketing
•Social Media Marketing 
•Shopper Marketing
•E-commerce Marketing
•Youtube, Vimeo, Adwords, Facebook, Marketing Campaign Development
•Web and Mobile Marketing

  The value of team-approach-creative has always existed, but not widely recognized. JS Enterprises cut its creative-services teeth as a team player, working from the earliest think-tank strategy meetings to deliver precisely the custom tools and marketing-driven experience desired. Today we enjoy many automated tools to help device, implement, and maintain brand-driven, marketing-driven, action-oriented, from-the-bottom-line-up startegies. designed Creative Services is new for the world, but exactly how JS Enterprises been working for decades!

  Through the years, when and where the largest companies’ “ad agencies” have failed to deliver, a handful of high-quality boutique creative services companies were enlisted to create the much-needed better, faster, well-targeted creative services, that the bloated and slow-moving agency infrastructure couldn’t deliver.

  Our clientele, at times the marketing and interactive directors of the who’s who of the Fortune 500, more and more discovered a fast and magical formula to get the tools needed to support what their marketing experience, data, and research, clearly showed was needed to achieve the growth desired.

  We provide the precise tools needed to complement branding and marketing plans: Traditional print; point-of-sale, to state-of-the-art interactive, responsive web interactive, addictive web games, and apps… With a magical difference, synchronicity. Creative services tools that are not just “lookers” but “workers”, created from the “bottom-line up”, honoring the wishlist of the organization’s rapidly-growing marketing and branding knowledge-base.

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