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Digital, content, experience, and science marketing data-compliant multimedia tools!

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Custom websites designed to work beautifully on all devices…

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Print & Graphic

Print design for some of the world’s largest organizations.

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Custom 3D & 2D Animation turns your  goals into reality…

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Educational Interactive

Educational resources created for the educational leaders…

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We design and develop games for all devices and all browsers.

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We design Apps that interact effectively with your audience…

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UI Design

JS Enterprises’ well designed user interfaces (UI) make happy end-user experiences.

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2D & 3D Animation Studio
•2D & 3D Animation
•2D & 3D Character Design
•Animation Script & Screenplay Writing and Development
•Voice Over Artist / Actor: Auditions, Recording and Post-Production Editing
•Storyboard Creation and Animatics (Animated Storyboards)
•Animation for Mobile Devices
•Animation for Games and Apps
•Animation for HD Television
•Animation for Film / Cinema
•Animation for All Devices and Browsers: HTML5 Interactive for: Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, iPad, iPhone and Android Smartphones
•Special Visual Effects (After Effects, etc.) and Video Editing
•Special Audio Sound Effects (SFXs) and Audio Editing for Film, Television, Website, and Video Games
•Original Music Composition for for Film, Television, Website, and Video Games

Animated Products Produced Include
•Animated TV Commercials
•Custom Logo Animation
•Animated TV Show Pilots
•Product Promotional Animated Sales Presentations for Youtube, Vimeo, Trade Shows. etc.
•Children’s Book Animation
•Interactive Activity Book Animation
•Game Development Animation
•Whiteboard and Explainer Video Animation
•Educational Interactive Animation
•Instructional and Training Tool Animation
•Courtroom Animation

App Design & Development
•iPhone Apps
•Android Apps
•iPad Apps
•Tablet Apps
•Web Applications
•Software Design
•Game Apps
•Educational Apps
•Business Apps
•All Platforms
•Custom Solutions

Game Design & Development
•Game Character Design (2D&3D)
•Game Virtual Scene Design
•Game Storyboarding
•Game Mechanics
•Game Leveling
•Game Programming
•Game Apps
•Game Animation (2D & 3D)
•Game UI (User Interface) Design
•Special Effects
•Game Testing

Website Design & Development
•Responsive Web Design HTML5
•Mobile-Friendly & Mobile First Design
•WordPress Web Design
•Fast Loading,  Enabled Tracking, SEO Savvy, and Strong Security.
•Social Media
•Website Marketing

User Interface Design – UI Design
•Logistical User Interface Design
•Software Design
•Software Button and Icon Design
•Game UI (User Interface) Design
•App UI (User Interface) Design

Interactive Presentations Designed and Developed for All Devices
•Interactive Educational Resources: Online Teaching Tools and Resources for students, Teachers, Educational Institutions and Universities
•Interactive Tools for Instructions, Manuals, and Assembly Instructions
•Advertising / Promotional Interactive Web Tools
•Interactive Tools for Financial Presentations, Annual Reports, Quarterly Reports and Investor Meetings
•Interactive Presentations for Medical Techniques, Chemical Reactions, Biological Tools and Inventions, etc.
•Interactive Presentations for Branded Company Services and Products for Trade Shows, Conferences, and Point-of-Sale Consumer and B2B Audiences

Print & Graphic Design
•Brochures, Catalogs, Annual Report, Quarterly Report Design, Production, and Printing
•Book & Magazine Design, Production, and Printing
•Logo or Corporate ID Design
•2D & 3D Illustrations for Print
•Animated Indoor and Outdoor Signage Design, 3D and Physical Model Building, through Production/Supervision and Final Delivery
•Poster, Trade Show Display and Presentations from Concept through Production/Supervision and Final Delivery
•Packaging Design
•Children’s Activity Book Design, Production, and Printing as well as Matched Interactive Versions for All Browser and All Device App Publishing

Marketing and Branding
•Marketing Strategies
•SEO Strategy and Implementation for All Media and Devices
•New Product Introductions
•Startup Company Promotions
•Target Marketing
•B2B Presentation
•Event Marketing
•Social Media Marketing
•Shopper Marketing
•E-commerce Marketing
•Youtube, Vimeo, Adwords, Facebook, Marketing Campaign Development
•Web and Mobile Marketing


Creative design and development for ALL your 2D & 3D animation, game, website, presentation and marketing needs.

• QUALITY: A passion for and commitment to excellence

• CUSTOMER SERVICE: Dedication to customer satisfaction


• DIVERSITY IN STYLE: Design to the needs, market profile not our personal taste

• DIVERSITY IN SKILLS: Combined talent and experience in different disciplines for effective bottom line results


Problem Solvers: Ahead of the crowd and knowing what works effectively in the real world. Works well on all modern devices: iPhone, Android phone, iPad, laptop, desktop, web online, kiosk presentation, TV, movie…


Advertising expertise with major companies and start-ups helps us create branding-aware interactive and animated components. Years of experience with Fortune 500 company branding.

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