Marketing | Advertising | Creative Services

What makes our services different is our combined marketing, technical AND creative services experience pool! The Individual Services Offered by Cybergoal skill sets and experience blend to make the whole, much greater than the sum of its parts. We don’t “push buttons from in a vacuum:)” When clients get to know us, they feel the difference.

Graphic Design for Printing, Interactive, Web & Social Media

•Brochures, Catalogs, Annual Report Design and Printing
We Create Children’s Activity Books; Matched Interactive Versions
•Book & eBook Design and Printing; Matched Interactive Versions
•Magazine Design and Printing
Logo or Corporate ID Design
•2D & 3D Illustrations for Print
•Animated Indoor and Outdoor Signage
•Poster, Trade Show Display and Presentations
•Packaging Design

Video & Audio Editing, Special Effects & Production

• Script-writing
• Story-boarding
• Video editing
• 3D and 2D Animations
• Custom illustrations
• Voice Overs
• Audio editing & Music
• Special Effects
• Fully ADA-compliant

Educational Interactive Distance Learning Creative Services

•Create Custom Distance Learning Tools
•Design Interactive Educational Presentations
•Medical Interactive Presentations
•Science Interactive Presentations
•Interactive Company Training Tools
•Interactive Tools for Financial Reports and Investor Meetings
•Interactive Instructions, Manuals, and Assembly Instructions

Website Design & Development

•Responsive Web Design
•Mobile-Friendly & Mobile First Design
•WordPress Web Design
•Fast Loading and Strong Security.
•SEO and Website Marketing
•Social Media set-up and updates
•E-commerce and online store

Custom 2D & 3D Animation Studio

Character Design and Animation
•Animation Script & Screenplay Writing
•Storyboard Creation and Animatics
Educational Animation
Training Tool Animation
Animated TV Commercials
Custom Logo Animation
Special Visual Effects Animation
•Animated Promo Presentations
Instructional Interactive Animation
Game Animation
•Whiteboard and Explainer Video
•Music or song Animation
•Voice-over Auditions, Recording and Post-Production Editing

Educational Game Design & Development

•Game Character Design (2D&3D)
•Game Virtual Scene Design
•Game Story-boarding
•Game Mechanics
•Game Leveling
•Game Programming
•Game Apps
•Game Animation (2D & 3D)
•Game User Interface Design
•Special Effects
•Game Testing

User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX) & App Design

•Logistical User Interface(UI) Design
•Software Design
•Button and Icon Design
•Game UI Design
•User Experience(UX) Design
•iPhone & Android Apps
•iPad & Tablet Apps
•Web Applications
•Educational Apps
•Business Apps
•Custom Solutions

Marketing and Branding

•Marketing Strategies
•SEO Strategy and Implementation
•New Product Promotion
•Company Branding and Promotions
•Interactive HTML5 Banner Ads
•Target Marketing
•B2B Presentation
•Event Marketing
•Social Media Marketing
•E-commerce Marketing