Social Media Ad Design

JS Enterprises designs and produces smart Social Media Ads. We have many, many samples we can show you upon request. Please contact us to show you more demos. We want to offer you a price that will make it easy to find out how it is to work with us…

Banner ads are one of the most prolific forms of marketing used in today’s online world. And, these days, they are multi-talented! They can contain audio, animation, music, motion graphics, interactivity. Technically speaking, “banner ads” need to meet the technical requirements of each social media venue, and no two are the same. Some require older-style animated .gif images, others are on the other end of the spectrum, requiring HTML5 animations or web-codec video files. These are tasks we handle every day. Our work is truly custom, and we are capable of real animation, so if you can imagine it, we can deliver it. If you can’t imagine it, we can even help you with that. We are making it even more affordable to achieve measurable, effective results in today’s world of social media, to increase brand awareness, and to reach your Cybergoals. 

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